Heartfelt Thank You.

Today was a day that could easily have been forgettable. But it was made great, thanks to a handful of people.

For my part, I need to stop and offer a sincere expression of my personal appreciation. To Mike, Jerry and Dustin, for doing the actual work that got us to this discussion board, and for digging to uncover the lost remnants of our old online presence.

All too often, in the past, we were all guilty of taking for granted that our little corner of the internet would always be here, and it’s possible we may not have said “thank you” and showed how happy we were about it as often as we should.

Having experienced what it was to lose the site, and the community, I think that this is something we would all do well to meditate on. I am very, very, very glad we have this moogle club to talk to you all on again, guys.

This came to my mind a lot more; basically, I started studying how digital objects vanish over time, and one thing I realized was that Kupop could be plain… gone. That was depressing to consider; even when I didn’t have the time I wanted, I thought it’d be there. I’m glad we’ve already got a huge part of our legacy back and online.

And not on Wikia (it’s the site, to answer your question from another thread; it tends to put in ads that sometimes put nasties in your computer).

Also, Matt, thanks for keeping Kupop on your mind and others’. It’s good to know people thought of it, didn’t leave it behind mentally, and were there right til the bad code hit. It definitely helped with getting this back up again.