Format for Tags

We made up a few tag rules during the Powwow. We’re going to use tags to mark where posts occur for Reborn (rather than having threads). These should be applied to each story post.

  • Underscores: Any tag that is more than one word needs an underscore.
  • Dimensions: The dimension(s) that a post occurs in should be done in the following format: name_dimension. For example, a post occurring in the Mana Dimension would have the “Mana_Dimension” tag.
  • Locations: Additional locations should be added for the city/region and the nation. For example, a post occurring in Arris, Guardia would have the “Arris” and “Guardia” tags.
  • Characters: Major characters appearing in a post should receive tags in the following format: firstname_lastname. For example, a post involving Celiose Cole would have the “Celiose_Cole” tag. Characters with one name only have a single word tag; for instance, Manta would have the “Manta” tag.