First (Second?) Big Plot Point

So I’m still a few days out from having a ton of time, but I figured I’d throw this up. We’ve had a good introduction: characters are introduced, the Reinhardt has crashed, and Grand Casar is responding. There’s threads outside of that and places to build on, too.

I was thinking we should bring a lot of these characters together now.

My idea was to use the Aldressor, the crashed colony ship that didn’t make it. It’s a wreck that is infested with some local wildlife, which makes it dangerous… but it also has supplies. It may be able to help fix the Reinhardt up. It may also have critical medical supplies and the like. So, the Grand Army and Grand Casar people work together – and they decide to send a crew inside of it.

I’m thinking they find more than they expected. I was going to throw in a monster called a Malawyrm, a dragon that some feel is native to Avalon, which only appears in rare areas. It goes on a rampage. I think there should be more, though, as they engage in salvage – maybe colonies of Evos, maybe brigands, maybe something else. What do y’all think?

That sounds cool. I’m alittle behind already due to real life crap (moving this month + family stuff + new job) but I loved the concept of a crashed ship when I read it mentioned earlier.

I like it. I’ll see if I can finish up my introduction story this week (this month is a hectic one for me), so that Enkidu is free to interact.

Sounds cool! I’ll get Meri, Sel, and Kupello in position; I got a couple posts to do this week but time to do them.

If any salvage work is going to be done in the Aldressor, Etienne should probably be involved as the ranking engineer left from the Reinhardt. I brought him in partly to address the lack of other Reinhardt survivors among the established dramatis personae we have.

Sounds good to me! Escort mission!?

Also: how would y’all like to do this? We could do one post, with replies building off each other, since this will all be one event in one point. It might also encourage a high level of interactivity and just throwing things at each other, seeing what people come up with and how they respond.