Esper Dimension Map

I have Inkarnate Pro and I realized I could put it to good use.

Esper Dimension, 55 WR. I made up a few smaller cities that grew to prominence after the Leviathan War (and so Doma and PRGT have more than a city). Also, it should be the People’s Republic of Greater Tzen, I mixed my words up.

I…can’t remember the political situation on Triangle so I left that alone for the moment, but colored it orange. Jerry, if you’re reading and remember, I’d love to know? No worries if not.

uh, broad strokes, the darcsmot clan successfully repelled keaton’s attempts to retake the island, and maerius got herself dead when the anox vi used her ability to read the future against her by ginning up the vision of a fake future that drew her out into a vulnerable position when she acted on it

triangle is operating as just a basic bitch democracy without a prophetess as head of state, although the darcsmots would have consolidated their power to the point where there are whispers that they might try to snatch the ring

old man keaton has retreated to ironesse with his kids, creating uncomfortable questions regarding succession there

probably some kind of a cold war between ironesse and triangle, now that they know about each other, with each one patrolling the sills of their respective worlds, and triangle building their first prototype ut infra because they don’t have enough zone eaters to actually hold the line if ironesse pushed through

I have like zero time to write though, no clue where my notes got to, and a very spotty memory of basically everything because of being old

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Oh shit yeah, I remember that. I’ll keep it as-is on the map for now? Makes sense, though. I feel for Keaton, that sounds like some shit.

Also the Ut Infra were badassed.

And no worries, dude. I definitely don’t got the time I used to (but more than in grad school/poverty/the first year or two at work where life I was just one long anxiety streak). You ever wanna, hit me up, I’d be happy to write with you again.

Dumb timeline question (which maybe should’ve been in the other thread, but seeing the map makes me think of it):

When does Tzen form its own country? Is it pre-White Cell, where Scande is like “oh, we’re totally ending the Occupied Zone, here’s a new country!” or is it after where Scande’s much-closer-to-whom difficulties have caused them to abandon the occupation, allowing Tzen to rise?

also +1 for Ut Infra being badassed.

I figured probably right before White Cell. I imagine during the conflict they got quickly occupied by White Cell again tho.