Episode 11 Discussion (SPOILERS!)



In Episode 11, Fara falls into a trap. This isn’t the first time the Master has shown he has a line to inside information on Our Heroes – the same thing happened in episode 6, and in other episodes he seemed quite well-informed about the group. How? Is there a spy in the ranks?

There are a couple possibilities for who the spy is. (And, if CoH were a comic, I would want a cover with “WHO IS THE SPY?” with each of these four characters.)

-Violante has been present with the group in most of the posts. Also, the group seemed awfully trusting of someone who conducts illegal arms smuggling and has ties to the Scandian League. Could it be her?
-Eleod is the one who started this whole “someone is a spy” suspicion in the first place…isn’t that exactly what a spy would do? And doesn’t he seem quite knowledgeable about the SIS?
-Bim. Because making the amusing comic relief character the spy is EXACTLY what Matt would do.
-Osprey. Surely, it can’t be Osprey! Then again, he has been hard up for luck in the job search, and he is the last person Fara talks to before she falls into the trap.

In Episode 12 the Master’s inside source will be revealed. Post your guesses and fan theories here!

Just for the sake of making sure everyone who guesses has a good idea of who it is they’re accusing…





Oh shit! Fiend of Earth!

Also, I think my money is Violante. Bim seems a little too genuine, and I think Eleod’s unlikely. I don’t think Osprey would knowingly – though I won’t rule out that someone is bugged. Violante kinda stumbled into the group, seemed to be ready to roll with this, and has a political cause that could be used to win her loyalty.

Echoing the feeling that it’s probably Vee. Eleod may be a miserable old cuss there to fill in as “the friend nobody likes,” but he’s still at his heart a good person, and wouldn’t be the spy in residence for the arc villain.

Osprey might be the spy, but only unknowingly.

Also, secretly chuffed that a couple of my contributions got acknowledged. First, that everyone (bar Eleod) likes Jacoby Armstrong movies, and second, that Fara knows Sean, if only in passing.

That Fara knows him as Sean-- while “Making Your Name” established that he is known, at least in some of his classes, as Jimmy Calavera-- only further adds to some of my intended character arc plans for Sean. He’s still trying to figure out who he wants to be. Does he want to be “ordinary college guy?” (Sean, graduate of Newcastle) Or does he want to be “side of the angels/private eye?” (Jimmy, intern for a PI firm) Or does he want to be “ordinary guy in Altrega Beach?” (Baz, resident of the Bridgeview) Or does he want to be “morally gray cage fighter?” (Jack, fight clubber) Or does he want to go down the same path as his uncle/mentor Mister Bones?

Not that I have any inside information or anything, but I just want to point out that, technically, the answer to the question: WHO IS THE SPY? is going to be “Osprey.” I mean, he’s described as a spy. As in that’s his profession. As in he is professionally trained, and has experience, in SPYING on people.

Just saying.