Editor's Notes

Started a thread for any edits I do to my posts with explanations. I already have some 'splaining to do!

Dr. Forster, M.D

  • I had the hospital The Doctors worked at Saint Spekkio National in homage to Chrono Trigger. Matt pointed out that Gate wasn’t around at the time Avalon was colonised, so I changed the name to Saint Starlet National. Starlet being a name of an Esper for FF6.

  • I mentioned a glass skyscraper. I mistook Avalon to have 80-90’s level tech with some glass skyscrapers, but it sounds like they would instead have only a few turn of the century towers. The text has been changed to reflect that in the architecture.

  • The sPDA’s had touch screens and functioned like cell phones. My initial impression was that the rich and civil servants would have access to this level of tech, but it seems this is still a bit too advanced. After talking to Gabe and Matt the story has been altered to make them appear to be more like actual PDAs with radio messaging.