Don't get coronavirus

Hope you all are ok!

Though this quarantine is a unique opportunity to restart our creative outlet!

The long-awaited City of Heroes season finale will be here soon!

After that, we could go in many directions.

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I’m good so far! My city’s shut down.

You still in China or did they evacuate you?

So I’m in Chengdu, which is quite far from the most affected area. Sichuan province overall had about 500 recorded cases. (For, like, 100 million people.) Frankly, right now I’m probably safer from the virus here than in the USA.

I’m teaching from home now, most places are open but there’s still some restrictions.

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That’s good! Glad you’re okay. It’s pretty wild over here.

Virginia just got put in shelter-in-place situation, but even before that, I’ve been told not to report to work at my office (minimal staff/skeleton crew), so I’m pretty much sat at home for the past two weeks, and for at least another two. Two of my roommates are teleworking. One who works in food service (cook at Hooters) had been reduced to one or two shifts a week. And other two who work retail (at Lowe’s) had been working, but with the new stay at home order, we don’t know what’s happening.

Everyone’s fine, no one’s gotten sick. I’ve been sure to stay away from my parents (with Mom’s health history, she’s unquestionably a high-risk person) to avoid the risk of contamination. Rest of the family’s been fine.

We’re all just slowly going mad, as this picture of our whiteboard will show.

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Doing alright here. Got Coronavirus laid off, funding went south and the company I was working for went bankrupt (no regrets). Hopefully will be back to work soon. Going to see if I can fix the broken emails for the message board.

LA was hit pretty hard. People are running around with masks and gloves, or acting like nothing is happening. Food is all gone and everywhere is closed. Trying to order more paper towels online but that is backordered.

All my entertainment friends are hosting events online. Did an online dance party in a onesie the other day. Doing an online bar zoom RP tonight. Unique times.

SUPER nice day out though!! No smog at all.

Oof, that sucks, Mike. D: We’ve got paper towels and toilet paper again, at least.

I’m hanging in there. My job’s secure, but I’m full time work from home now. It’s all delivery food, no groups, nothing. My friends are doing our D&D game online now. It’s a little wild, to say the least.

Glad you’re holding up, Jay. Hope the roommate situation holds.

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Hello from Raccoon City, er NYC

What a time to come back. Things are pretty fucked here as you might imagine and I work in city government so. Yeah. Fun times! I’m a trainer at the agency directly responsible for disseminating info to the public and just started a new hire class at the beginning of March. Obviously we’re all essential employees and the class pretty much got decimated. At least one newbie tested positive that we know of. I still don’t know if I actually had it or not, but of the two other trainers that facilitated the class with me, one just got out of the hospital after beating “It” and the other is home sick af. I self isolated for 2 weeks and finally our team is working from home. I’m okay though, sheltering in place with my at risk elderly mom and taking care of her. Every day we find out somebody else is sick or died. I mean, the numbers about Black Americans in all this are what they are. I’m just trying not to add to them.

In better, non T-Virus news I’ve been active on Final Fantasy XIV for the past few years and most of what I’ve been writing has been about my Warrior of Light. I hope you guys are ok though. I don’t know how much I can contribute past letting you guys know I’m ok now and then, like I said it’s a pretty insane time to be in NYC in the job I have. But I’m glad you’re all well and I hope you stay safe and healthy and keep writing.

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Oh jeez! That sounds scary, I didn’t realize you were in NYC! I’m glad you’re okay, and hope you and your mom are all right now. Glad the work from home order finally came in. Everything I’ve heard sounds terrifying, so I’m seriously relieved you and your mom are okay.

I’ve played FFXIV, though I haven’t tackled Shadowbringers yet (and it’s apparently the best xpac ever). I was on Hyperion tho I’ll probably transfer when I eventually get back to it. Dragon Quest 11 has been my go-to stress relief right now.

No worries on writing at all, either!

Oh yeah Shadowbringers is incredible, it still doesn’t beat Heavensward for me (only because I’m obsessed with Ishgard and my Elezen husbandos) but it’s definitely tied and I would honestly put both those xpacs against any standalone single player FF story–it’s up there with the greats to me. I’ve felt this way for a while but FF fans who’ve not picked this game up because it’s an MMO are missing out on the best writing in the franchise for a decade, at least. My only regret is waiting until Stormblood was out to finally try it.

If you decide to pick it up again, me and the gf play on Adamantoise. We’re finally getting around to the in game wedding soon as consolation for our Disney World trip that got postponed.


Oh Hi Aurora!! :grinning:

Taking care of elderly relatives is tough in a time like this!! At least you’re working from home, which is good to hear. I wish you and your mom the best!! The stuff I’ve been hearing coming out of NYC is super scary.

Haven’t played a proper MMO in a while, but I’ve been falling back onto Minecraft for this social distancing. I have a server up called “Coronaville” @ if anyone wants to hop in.

ohai i’m the GF :smiley:

And yeah, Shadowbringers is a thing of glory. So much of it is right up my alley.

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Haurchefant, still not over it. D: But yeah, 100% agreed; FFXIV had just some of the most solid writing in ages. Maybe I’ll resub soon…

And hey BC, welcome to the boards! Screenshots of the wedding when it happens! (Also boo about Disney vacation being cancelled.)

I’ve never done Minecraft. What kinda things have you built, Mike?

Lesse… zeppelin, a penguin, but usually round dome houses. On my current server, I have a roll of toilet paper that sits on top of a spiral staircase. It is just a digital legos with extra steps.

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Oh hi people. Hi Aurora. :slight_smile:

So, I didn’t get the corona.

I work in LAUSD – as some of you may recall – and we’ve been shuttered since the end of last month. I still work a support role, so I am not teaching kids on ZOOM (btw, someone please get me a time machine so I can go back in time and buy some shares before coronavirus hits), but I am still getting a paycheck and doing various remote-working things. Largely my “work” these days involves maintaining the school database, emailing parents and teachers and coordinating loans of laptops and ipads to our families which don’t have the tech to join in with Zoom class sessions. Pictured below is the MattCave™’s Corona Command Center™, outfitted and optimized to perfectly balance gaming, streaming, work-from-home and the occasional bit of Kupopolis-adjacent writing:

About a week before California entirely shut down due to corona, I adopted a puppy. He’s just turned 3 months, and has somehow learned that furious biting is a sign of deep affection. Also a sign of deep affection is pooping and peeing in random places, apparently. All of this to say, puppy parenting has occupied a decent chunk of my time in quarantine.

I feel like we should get together for a corona powwow sometime. Not on Zoom though, please not on Zoom. Discord? Anyone?

That’s an epic desk set-up, sir. Also, pictures of the dog please.

Should we make a Discord server?

oh I’m back at work (in a center) tomorrow. And I actually went to a restaurant the other day. So I’m fine! Great!

Discord…could work? It depends on my VPN. Which seems to work reliably at certain hours.

Huzzah! Glad to hear it.

I went in for the first time in forever yesterday. Pretty weird, but nice to get to hold archival records again. I didn’t feel like a real archivist for a month or so.

I’m still working remotely… and will be for the foreseeable future.

Honestly, I really think that “opening up,” where ever it’s happening, is way premature. In the States, we literally have done nothing for a month but stay inside and binge watch Netflix. There’s been no advance in treatment or a vaccine, and even with social distancing slowing the spread it has ripped shit up everywhere it’s found.

There’s literally nothing to justify our coming out of quarantine; we’re not any more immune, the virus isn’t any less deadly or communicable, and the main treatment right now appears to be “sleep it off and pray you don’t end up needing to go on a ventilator.” A lot of people are going to die for this.

… I mean, I’ll be okay. Cuz the district is still shut down, and California appears to be in the hands of people who know what they’re doing.

Oh, yeah. Texas is INSANE for opening up. I am very unhappy with the governor. My job’s administration is in the unenviable position of being expected to open by the governor (I work for the state) and trying to not make this worse.

I am pretty sure we will just end up closing it all down again, oh, let’s call it 3 weeks.

This does increase my desire to get out of Texas. Austin is a lot better than a lot of Texas, but it’s still beholden to people that include Lieutenant Governor Dan “We Will Sacrifice Your Grandmother For the Economy!” Patrick.