Discord Server

Hello, everyone!

I made a Discord server. To not have bots spam it with weird violent images or other such things, I have set the invite to last one day: https://discord.gg/7mZ6qK

If it times out, comment here, and I’ll make a new invite.

… it timed out. :slight_smile:

For a while I was thinking of dropping the slack in favor for discord. What are your guy’s thoughts?

DISCORD WHY DOES YOUR INVITE SYSTEM SUCK. Seriously, it goes from hours/minutes to 1 day to “never” for the expiration date. Why not a week!!

This one doesn’t expire but I may kill it in a week if spambots find it.

Also: that may not be bad, Mike, but let’s let everyone get onboard.

There’s no harm to keeping the Slack as a messaging platform in the Kupopolis web diaspora!
… also worth noting: Travis may join the Discord, but sometimes China doesn’t like Discord and he can’t reliably open it or maintain a very good voice connection (which may be another reason to keep Slack). When he and I talk, most of the time we use Skype, because the CCP views it as mostly harmless.

Ooooo, good point.

It’s funny what the CCP sees as harmless?

Actually, for the first month or so I lived in China I didn’t bother to get my VPN working. But an IMDB article “Ode to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Underrated Female Costars” was blocked, and that spurred me to get it working because it just seemed so small and petty.

BUT , to give the rundown:
-Google hangouts = NO WAY
-Zoom = Not anymore, business users only can access Zoom
-Discord = Sometimes? The VPN needs to work for me to connect, but not stay connected
-Skype = Most of the time
-WhatsApp = No. My brother confused this with WeChat.
-Viber = Seems to work, though my Philippines tour guide keeps messaging me on it like I’m going to come back and marry her
-Kakaotalk = Used to work, I think? I don’t know, this is risky, like about half of Chinese people are like “Oh I love Korea, I watch all these K-Dramas!” but about I’ve also met a few who are like “Those Koreans are a bunch of stuck-up assholes, I will not even eat Korean barbecue because that might contribute in some small part to their economy!”
-LINE = Dude you saw what I said about Korea, I don’t even want to touch Japan and it’s extremely messy and complicated place in China’s national psyche, where they’re still pissed about the war but also want to go to Japan for vacation.
-Facebook = I log in with the VPN a few times a week to keep up with friends, but I also kind of blame it for being a harbinger of the demise of American democracy
-WeChat = 你好

That’s handy to know! Glad to know you have some stuff.

It’s crazy what doesn’t get through the Great Firewall.