Creatures of Avalon

I just opened up a new section in the Avalon part of the Kupopowiki dedicated to new creatures of Avalon. I populated it with an empty link for the “greatwolf” that appeared in Jay’s first post, and then a full article inspired by one of the original maps of Avalon from way back in old skool Kupop.

I’d like to encourage anyone who wants to to play around with the possibility of a new world with unique biology and make up new creatures to inhabit it.

Also, I broke a rule I’d set for myself by wiki’ing about something that I’d not yet used in a post. (no, nothing about the Evo has gone up on the boards yet) Anyone who wants to can use them, though; let’s get crazy go nuts with this thing.

I’ve already added to this list with a couple more creatures-- saladragons (salamander + Komodo dragon + myth = fire-breathing giant salamander lizard thing) and caskobos (which I created before realizing about the existence of grimfowl, to be Avalon’s cassowaries).

I don’t think Caskobos and Grimfowl are necessarily redundant to each other; if you google Grimfowl Breath of Fire you should get an image of what Grimfowl look like. When I adapted them to Kupop, I sorta aimed to make them a definitively Scandian cousin of the Chocobo: mean-spirited, difficult to tame survivors whose meat is toxic.

Yeah, I figured the similarity can be explained as basic convergent evolution.