City of Moogles archive

City of Moogles archive is located here: … comic.html

If you just try to go to you’ll get stuck, because there’s a static flash page that leads to some cgi whatsit that doesn’t work no more on the garbage mirror I set up. Nothing else works either (like the wiki or sliver itself) so don’t even try.

Jerry, this made my soul feel good.

So I was going through the comic today, and I noticed that it ends at comic 64, when I know for a fact that there are more comics than that (because I have seen them on the server.) The issue is that after comic 64, dustin moved from creating individual html pages and started using a cgi script (which is now broken.)

So anyway, the comics are still there, but you have to put in the URL of the gifs, starting with:

and ending with:

in conclusion


I remember this picture!! Mike intended to use it as the splash-page image… only I had to be that guy and correct him on a coloration error (Manta’s scales are black, and his uniform is white with gold trim like Celiose’s)

“Oh did I draw that…? It feels like I did… but… I did I just color it? Its looks sloppy like how I would color it… I’m pretty sure I at least drew the moogle.”