Badges and Awards

Hey Guys,

Travis brought up the use of badges and awards, and I think its a great idea. I think it would help promote and motivate participation. I went ahead and made three here: badges

The admin account has the ability to make these based off of font awesome icons. you can find them here: icons

If you are too afraid to dive into the admin account, feel free to reply to this post and I’ll be happy to set up whatever badges you’d like!

Also, I just realized I don’t have this badge yet and it makes me sad:

Oooooh cool idea, Mike.

When I get the chance, A badge Matt requested is for when you complete reading season 1 of City of Heroes. Things like that where its a check of people meeting x requirements is possible.

Advanced badges are turned on! Matt’s new Badge idea should be awarded nightly. Matt, if you dont like the flavor text of icon, feel free to edit them but please don’t mess with the sql