2018 Kupop Goals

With roughly just a quarter of 2018 left, what are you guys’ 2018 goals?

It sounds like everyone has a side plot they’d love to finish by the end of the year, or a post for the space race / heist they want to finish.

I’m still trying to finish a actual racing post myself!

Finish CoH season 1. (The Finale is already like…60 percent done?)

Do the space race posts/heist

And start CoH season 2. (Like, Matt and I have notes for several seasons of content, but we need to write the damned things.)

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Get some more of my race done and do the heist! Hoping I’ll have a bit more time soon/that work is calmer.

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I’m hoping to at least post something since its NaNoWriMo this month! I bought a book to try and help me focus and not scroll facebook and reddit all day.

Amen. My job’s been nuts; I am hoping I can soon but realistically I may not have much time til December.

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One month to go to post something.

On a side note, I bought actual software to design things for print again, so I may take another shot at the Kupopolis anthology zine.