Making a List of in-Universe Equivalents


So a few have been well-established for a long time:
Omninet = Internet. Which was actually a godsend when it came, because in-story we had space dreadnaughts before the internet. And it was actually kind of clever for it to evolve out of the Omnisent and their stated goal of free information.

A few others:
TunaPages = Various social media. (Including Tuna Instant Messenger, or TIM, a popular messaging app which will never die.)
NuTube = Youtube? This was a throwaway comment from Mike in an OOC discussion, but I have no problem making it canon

Any other common/useful ones?


This would make for a good wiki article! Nothing comes to mind at the moment unfortunately.


Kimuland = A message-board based story on the TunaPages OmniNet service, where people write story posts and collaborate in maintaining an elaborate interactive story universe, largely based on elements imported from the Tenbu Saga series of RPG video games, DamoGun anime and other pop-culture references. Clearly based on Mog’s Realm.


Where’s the Mog’s Realm revival website ten years plus after the fact?


I thought not!