White Cell Outline

[quote=“Tex”]I love that about Praxer.

And that makes a lot of sense, Mike! Clay could have a new guy helping; a third generation, of sorts, which would fit the direction we’re heading, too. I imagine there’s some torch passing.

Also, Travis, I had an idea. There should be three leaders of the Neo-Returners with code names: Doom, Poltergeist, and Goddess. (screw newer, better translations!) Dibs on Poltergeist if you like that idea.[/quote]

Ugh, I fucking hate that about the Square re-releases. Not only can Square not produce a new game to save its life, but they have to go and shit all over the games they made when they were good at it. And have you seen the new graphics for the mobile version of FF6?

I threw up in my mouth a little.

Yeah, the mobile graphics are horrible. I don’t mind if they fix something that’s flat wrong or misleading, but sometimes they change translations for… the sake of change? I don’t even know.

[quote=“Tex”]I’m guessing the answer to “did Celiose survive” is “wait and see.”

I like the idea that Halder ended up Generalissimo; it’d make sense if they put a guy without a ton of vision and ambition in command of the Grand Army after the whole debacle. He would be a “safe” candidate. Thames might be a bit less safe, but it’d make sense if we had a couple Generalissimos in that time.[/quote]

Actually, I just had a brainstorm.

What if there was a search for a time to find a new Generalissimo, but every candidate up for the job was somehow imperfect (Halder? Too “safe.” Thames? Too much of a prima donna. … and on down the list). Then someone in the AC/House of Lords says: “Why not give the Grand Army to all of them?”

And it gets decided that, instead of just picking a new Generalissimo, they re-staff the Soldierly Council with the best and brightest from among the Charter’s militaries. Halder and Thames become the first obvious choices; if Halberg is actually still around (I forget if he stayed dead or not), he’d also be on the short list. The Council gets re-formed with each member being assigned a division of the GA forces that suits their specialty. (Thames obviously gets SAGA, while Halder would probably get… I dunno, either Rimmel or Torstensson’s old seat) No one is permanent “Generalissimo,” but the title rotates among the members on a regular basis. The AC and House pass a resolution, unanimously, retiring the permanent title “Generalissimo,” recognizing that no one officer could ever live up to what’s expected from it.

… Well. This didn’t go into my obscenely long Unravelling summary, but I have quite a bit of loose-ends tying up to do in Merge as well. During the Guardian Civil War, they had troops still committed in Merge. (along with allied forces from Eblan and Hyland) The end result was that the Guardians got spanked trying to re-take Bal, but the Merge League got spanked trying to conquer Worus. (which was defended by a group of mercenaries lead by Kusader, and secretly funded by Mountbatten)

That said, it’s entirely possible that in the midst of all the fighting, the Merge wizards liberated Tycoon. It might have been a tradeoff the Merge League made during the war: they pulled resources from Bal to push the dwarves out of Tycoon, but in so doing they allowed the Guardians to eek out a minor victory and recover some Balian territory.

FF6 was PERFECT out-of-box. The fact that they touched it at all is sacrilege.

All this talk of the GRAND EPIC SCHEMES that were planned just reminds me of my own scheme and plotline I never got to pull the trigger on. Remind me to post it up tomorrow when I’m not half asleep.

Okay, so here’s a touchy subject: has anyone seen, heard from, or contacted Adam since moogle.club went up?

In all of the discussing of what happened to which places during/after White Cell, we have to decide on the fate of Ticondera. And if Adam isn’t going to participate, I don’t know how we should go about doing that.

I haven’t heard from Adam, I’m afraid; I don’t know if the email address on the Yahoo group is still functioning even.

If I remember right, he had Ticondera fragment into a few different countries. However, more might have been done with it since then? If not, might be a good starting point for it, if we just don’t hear anything from him.

Old status quo with Ticondera was broken into a couple of countries:
-Federation of Ticonderan Socialist Republics (FTSR), who were part of the Communist Protectorate – they also had a cool spy service,
-Viper District, who were at war with the FTSR and were some pretty nasty people.
-Brush Free Trade Alliance
-Delvian Islands, who were sort of like Ye Olde Imperial Ticondera
-The Tasnican-Ticonderan Territories. The Tasnicans had actually outsourced the security of this region to a bunch of ex-Grand Army mercenaries, who end up seizing it for White Cell (with promises of eventual independence.)

Ticondera was set to be a major flashpoint, maybe even a major theater in White Cell.

[quote=“Tex”]I haven’t heard from Adam, I’m afraid; I don’t know if the email address on the Yahoo group is still functioning even.

If I remember right, he had Ticondera fragment into a few different countries. However, more might have been done with it since then? If not, might be a good starting point for it, if we just don’t hear anything from him.[/quote]

Yes, Ticondera broke up into… let’s see if I can remember this off the top of my head… the Tasnican Ticonderan Territories (aka the Abdilene Region), the Viper District, the Brush Free Trade… something… and the SCTRF some combination of letters. Shit. It’s been a while. But yeah, there were four or five smaller countries where Boundless Ticondera used to be, two of those countries were at war, only one remained in the Communist Protectorate (and TTT, of course, became a Tasnican state [or, territory? did they have full statehood?]).

Because Ticondera is so huge, and historically so central to the story, and is now broken up into several countries, it’s important to figure out its fate. If Adam’s not coming back… we might have to figure this out on our own.

… Ah, I see that in the time it took me to write this, Travis provided the actual names of the Ticonderan states. Boy, was I WAY off on FTSR or what? Maybe I’m dyslexic.

I have him as a friend on Facebook. I just sent him a message with a link, we’ll see if he responds.

Sweet! I was hoping he’d drop by.

Yeah I contacted him on facebook last weekend, and he said he’d come by.

Good of you to think ahead J! Hopefully another poke will get him around.

Once Adam shows up I think that’s everybody! Unless anyone can think of anyone else we’re missing?

We haven’t seen Eusic or Aurora much on the boards, but hopefully they can drop by!

I want Rawley back, dammit.

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… I actually, now that you mention it, am not 100% sure I saw Rawley’s email on the yahoo group list…

Anyone have his email? I never did, I (foolishly) assumed we’d always have the boards to reach him with back in the day.

RawleyCoop (at) AOL (dot) com is what is listed on Kupop. Who knows though?