The return of city of heroes

Osprey: I am the night!

Seraphim Shield: Do powers make you a hero… or is it something more?..

Prism Man: I WILL have the respect I’m OWED!!

Biminberrick: I could really use a hand, you guys!


…oh my god it can make Bim

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… I seem to have fooled both you and Travis with that one. :slight_smile: That’s me photoshopping an image from the SoM remake’s bestiary into a screenshot from Atlas Park in City of Heroes.

ahahahaha, nice. Good work!

Fara: Whoever holds the sword, if they be worthy…

Roxanne: Constant as the Northern Star

…I will add that the lack of long braid for Roxanne bothers me.

Violante: Viva la Damcyan, Viva La Revolution!

…I’ll admit I messed around with the body sliders a bit with Violante, before deciding that baby got back.

The Master: Are you ready for your next lesson…?

Marcus, Fiend of Earth: …

Beretta: Not Getting Paid Enough For This Shit

Eleod: Hates Being In Photos

Captain Barry Svensgaard: I will chart the course of my future. Not my mother, not my father – me.

…you know, I’d always imagined Barry as a leonine human, rather than a humanoid tiger.

Now I really want him to say, “Epoch Starfighters. They’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!” in his next appearance.

I mean… his mom was a Tigran… Not a… Leogran (?).

Also, his nickname is “The Tiger of Guardia.”

… also, he will never, ever say that. Ever. :slight_smile: