Kupop Yearly Zine?

What would you guys think of think of putting out a Kupop zine? My friend does a yearly one called “The Wastelander” with a site called Magcloud: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/1045207

Might be fun to make a cover and publish a hardcopy of the Kupop stories…?

I didn’t see this idea before (I’m on vacations n), but I really like it. Having some physical artifact of Kupopolis who do he really nice.

Would it be hard / expensive be to do?

Yeah, I’m also curious about that! That’d be fun – neat memento, too.

Agreed, a memento like that would be pretty cool.

The setup cost is free, and on the site my friend makes his on, its about 6~7 bucks for 12~24 pages. I think my friend has it set to charge just to cover for MagCloud’s share of the printing.


Could probably get this going faster then the slow crawl that is the 2.0 board.

6-7 dollars seems like a totally reasonable price for something that I’ve spent as much time on as Kupopolis.

I’m talking to a friend to see if I can get her to design a cover. Diving deeper I found a pretty clear cut explanation on the pricing: http://www.magcloud.com/products/formats/standard

Is there any particular posts you’d guys love to see in volume 1? I kind of think maybe matt or trav should write a forward or something.

I’ll think about what to put in a forward. (Unless Matt wants to do it!).

As to posts, I guess it depends if we want to do more of a retrospective and cull some posts from the past, or if we want to focus more on our more recent output. I do think it would be nice to get a reasonable cross-section of writers, but I would also feel bad including anyone without their permission. (Like, it would feel strange to me to not include at least something from Aurora, but I don’t think she checks this board so much.)

Yeah, I’m not sure Aurora’s ever actually logged in…

I’m flexible. I’d vote more new stuff than old, but… a few classics feel right?

Well, I guess some idea of pagecount might be good.

I mean, my CoH posts typically clock in at 7-9k words. Some of my “classic” posts were really damned long. And in Neo, we really liked megas. (…I do feel like having a representative of Neo would be nice…or maybe we could put it all together in a "special Neo issue.)

Actually, mentioning the Neo issue gives me a thought: we could do a Legends issue, which is all-new stories. (I’ve always felt really guilty about Legends, and been thinking about different ways to use those ideas in another way.)

Kind of was futzing around with a Kupopolis Gaiden zine. Think it would be fun to serialize a portion of city of heroes in it and put whatever else has been posted this year.

Mostly I wanted to play with some art for a cover:


The cityscape would be changed out with something that’s royalty free, and not Neo Tokyo.

Bored with work so here’s a table of contents page with more stock art and everyone’s names mispelled. The rest will prob. be mostly a 3 column layout, though I think a “what is Kupopolis” and a timeline would be a nice touch.


I dig it. And the misspelling.

I dig it, too.

I’m going to try and get a rough draft together this weekend if you guys approve. It’s looking like it’ll be 50 pages (?!) if I include the following stories:

  • City of heroes eps 1 and 2
  • [/list]
  • Leviathan Act 1
  • [/list]
  • Making Your Name
  • [/list]
  • Trianable Rising Tide
  • [/list]

    The one thing that’ll hold it up right now is artwork! Going to just do some sketches and some quote art to break up the 50 pages of two column layouts. If anyone would like to help, may I suggest making some story quotes on adobe spark (what i used for the cover and table of contents page):


    I’d still love some sort of forward preface from Travis or Matt about Kupopolis (we started out a a message board on Nintendos’ AOL forums, etc…) and Kupopolis Gaiden (The word Gaiden means stories about…)

    Sounds cool to me! Lemme know if I can help, Mike.

    [quote=Tex post_id=1288 time=1511052366 user_id=50]
    Sounds cool to me! Lemme know if I can help, Mike.

    Anyway you’d want to help, I’d be happy with! Pretty much can get something together, just want it to look nice. Any ideas for the back cover?? Old art, old maps, quotes, blurbs, anything you’d want to say about Kupopolis, Kupopolis Gaiden, etc. This is pretty much going to be just a coffee table piece for half a dozen people.

    Cool! If you want a back blurb, I could do that.

    A map or something would be cool?

    [quote=Tex post_id=1290 time=1511225829 user_id=50]
    A map or something would be cool?

    A map of what, though? Kupop has multiple…