What've You Been Playing?


Oh man. Undertale’s on my TDL. I have some trouble with the bullet hell stuff, but it sounds worth it. I heard the genocide run is a gut punch of epic proportions too.

So far, I’m digging I am Setsuna. It’s not a Chrono Trigger clone (besides the battle system) – which I think is a good thing, because the feeling it’s trying to capture is original, instead of “HEY REMEMBER HOW GREAT THIS GAME WAS?” The answer to that question, I find, is often to go replay the original.


Yeah, Undertale’s pretty great. The bullet hell stuff is frustrating at times, but the game has controller compatibility if you can’t get the arrow keys to cooperate. Definitely recommend going in as blind as possible, for maximum feels. (And don’t do the Genocide run first. It won’t have the same emotional gutpunch otherwise.)


Aw dang. Yeah, I heard genocide is best seen later.

I’m pretty blind to it, somehow. I’ve absorbed a few spoilers but they’re mostly contextless.


Actually, I’ve been nerdraging recently because I can’t play Metroid Fusion on my 3DS. There IS a version of Metroid Fusion playable on 3DS, but it was only available for those who purchased the 3DS before a certain date (back when it was expensive and had no games.)

I’ve also been agonizing over whether or not I want to spend to have my parents send my Wii U to me…but most of the games I want to play on Wii U are retro games – Wind Waker, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and the like. (Probably the only actual Wii U games I would play are Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, and Bayonetta.)

But surely an emulator will solve me problems…and, in theory, I could play Metroid Prime with mouse and keyboard.

…oh, I also played a bunch of Hearts of Iron IV, because I remain a giant World War II nerd.

I’m wondering where I am Setsuna falls on the ‘need to play’ retro list, because I still haven’'t started Bravely Second, which my parents brought from the US when they visited. And I need to finish Fire Emblem, but I need to be in the mood for pain – each mission in Conquest kind of reminds me of a WoW raid boss.


Oh yeah, that’s gotta be rough. An emulator can be the way to go, but… that controller just makes life easier. My Logitech controller is how I live, man. (Also how I played FFXIV.) Which, well, using a controller over a keyboard+mouse makes me a terrible gamer, I guess, but…



[quote=“Tex”]Which, well, using a controller over a keyboard+mouse makes me a terrible gamer, I guess, but…


…it’s not for me to judge.



In FFXIV, it works okay. I need to be cautious with camera controls, but MMO’s aren’t so movement intensive that it’s a problem. I’d hesitate for, say, Overwatch.


…anyone play X-Com?

And, in related Firaxis news, who is excited for Civ VI?!?


I played some of the first (recent) X-Com. It was fun times.

And hell yes Civ VI. Teddy is the American leader!


Oh, and I finally beat Skyrim.

Like, five years later.

At this rate I’ll beat Witcher 3 in 2021.


To be fair: isn’t Skyrim like 120 hours long?


Well, it took me about 110 hours to finish it.

But, like many Bethesda games (like Fallout 3), the main quest is actually relatively short.

You can see the huge disparity here:

…I actually, at one point, used that website to try to make a spreadsheet to manage my gaming backlog. I think my notes for Skyrim were “finish this damned game.”

And Fire Emblem Conquest is such a troll.


Also: Warhammer Total War is the best Total War, since maybe Shogun 2, maybe even better when all the DLC is out for all the different factions. It’s a pity games workshop killed the Warhammer Fantasy Battles tabletop.


But Age of Sigmar!!!



Age of Sigmar makes me sad.

I did play Warmachine, Infinity, and Bolt Action, though. Infinity was the most fun I think, and I liked the models the best, but the learning curve was a little steep.

…before I moved to China, anyway. I actually sold a bunch of my models, but bring myself to sell my painted Fantasy Empire army – most of which I had painted in multiple all-night “Iron Painter” events. (Someone had the gall to offer me $50 for over 100 painted models, so I just decided I was going to keep them.)

I just started my second year in China and I’m starting to feel more homesick…I’m accumulating a larger and larger list of things to do when I get back to the US. Like play with toy soldiers.


I hear you. I did Warmachine until it got too expensive and my finances weren’t great. Now that I’ve got full time work, I’ve debated getting it again.

How long do you expect to stay in China?

(I suggest til 2020…)


I used to play Infinity, too, as it had some of the best looking models. (Like the bike from Akira, basically.)

I’ve signed a contract to stay in China until November 2017…after that, I dunno. I think my Chinese reading won’t be all that fantastic at the end of that time (I won’t be tackling the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms anytime soon), but I am getting more and more homesick.

…oh, and in gaming news, I bought a bunch of stuff on steam sales, despite my huge backlog. I’m really hoping the new Final Fantasy comes to PC, as it sounds pretty good. And I got an NES Classic for Christmas, as at this point I consider having a Nintendo console in my home a matter of totemic significance, like a household god. (Ah, Wii U, what a pity most of the games I liked on you were actually re-releases of older games…)


That makes sense. Time to decide if you wanna stay longer!

I’ve been doing FF4 the After Years. At the risk of heresy: I like it. It’s fun to see all the characters again and the new ones are cool. It won’t win prizes on originality but it’s cool.


Yeah, I picked up FFIX and FFX and X-2 during the steam festival…it’s possible that I’m now man enough to play X-2.


I heard it’s fun! Good use of the job system.