Space race participants!



You know its funny, a lot of my sizing comes from thinking of an urban environment, and not space. Like seraphim were about 10-12 meters tall since a van is roughly 5-6 meters long, and I assumed a seraphim would be double that. The later ones that were in everyone’s space battles were more gundam sized.

I came up with my 9 meters estimate by saying “well, its smaller then a school bus, and school bus is 14 meters.” But now I know a F-35 is larger then a school bus. I think I’d have to rethink my sizing and say its more F-35 sized at the very least!


If you guys meet me half way and whiteboard basic shape and dimensions of your ship or find a similar unity model, I’ll try and make a cool design for a story post! (and shwag?)


Lieutenant Egbur Doprul: Known on the KPD by his nickname “Eggdrop,” Lt. Doprul was always one of Sahl Endeberg’s most dialogue-providing supporting cast members. A native of Mandala in the Mana Dimension, Eggdrop was a diversity hire. Eggdrop served as Sahl Endeberg’s deputy campaign manager during his run for the office of Mayor of Kupopolis, until Sahl Endeberg’s tragic death in a tragic chromate accident during the tragic first ever Robotics Tournament. Sahl Endeberg doesn’t even know Eggdrop’s name isn’t really Eggdrop, but he managed to convince him to come help him crew his space ship for the space race.

Lieutenant Jade Shih: Eggdrop’s partner on the KPD. As both a woman and a Fabulian, she was a double diversity hire. (note: under Endeberg’s administration as police chief, the KPD was 98% human and 70% male) Jade was one of the few KPD officers who did not receive dragoon training. Jade served the Endeberg mayoral campaign as deputy communications director, but then cashed out a hefty life insurance policy after Sahl Endeberg was killed by his chromate allergy during the Robotics Tournament. Because Sahl Endeberg has since proven himself to be very much still alive, Jade is currently under investigation by the KPD’s fraud and financial crimes division.


Well, it’s just like Sahl Endeberg to roll with a big entourage! Who among us has not had the simple dream of being able to spend a night out in the company of SE himself?

Worth noting: since this is set after White Cell, Vitali may have actual combat experience, as there was significant fighting between SLCM-Sea and White Cell Kriegsnavee (WCK) units. Or he could have avoided the fighting while participating in furious online debates in the Sahl Endeberg fandom. (“You’re not a TRUE Ende-fan!”) Or both!


… I didn’t give you a design/basic shape for Kainsaku’s Glory, but I believe I did add some dramatic tension to the space race with my whiteboard contribution.


You sure did buddy. Meow.