Kupopolis Cartography


lol… More or less. Nate actually took on writing as Strahd for a while.

But if you’re asking aout the character of the Dead Quarter, then, no. It’s what it sounds like: it’s dead. The whole section of the city is in ruins and is populated by various kinds of undead, sentient and not. In ancient times there were efforts to cleanse and reclaim the Dead Quarter, but eventually a peace was reached and now the Dead mind their own business and stay within their section of the city. … But there are very high walls just in case.


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For reference: Hosluftgrad is built on the bit between the Albrooker Plain and the Solthai. It’s like Istanbul; it spans the strait there and controls both sides, though now the southwestern part is controlled by Scande (and is later independent, by Reborn); the northeastern part was held by the EU.

I was sure I’d put Hosloftgrad on this… it’s possible the version of this map that I have here on my laptop is less-up-to-date than the one on my computer at home.


Ooooh, I missed that. That’s awesome, Strahd is a great villain. I think D&D 5E used him, had a pre-published campaign that’s apparently really good.

And that makes sense! Did any notes on Kupopolis the city survive? I’ve always been curious about it.


lol They did! You used them once! Don’t you remember Hannibal’s battle in the Devil’s Arena?


I do!

I just don’t remember the notes and wish I had those posts so bad.


Re: Crystal - on the wiki, I gave Damcyan’s capital an official name (Cordaleza), and I also added a couple of Fabul cities (and if I add the ones on the map to them, it brings the total of named Fabul cities to a respectable 5.) I also gave an official name for Fabul’s capital (Yangjing, which just means “Yang’s capital”.)

…and I’m tempted to add a canal to Tripport, which would give some additional justification to its importance as a port city.


Also: I would add some rivers to the Tasnica side of things on the Euser continent. Centwerp is repeatedly referenced as being at an important river junction, and the ability to go Centwerp–>Tasnicaport on a river was (supposed to be) important in Legends. I might even add a big ass lake on Centwerp. Centwerp is a canal town, a la Venice or Amsterdam.
…of course I’m an idiot and made the only INLAND city of the Quad a canal town. MAGIC CAUSES WEIRD GEOGRAPHY, OK!?

…also, you may be wondering why the Mana Dimension map looks nothing like the SoM map, and that’s largely because Aurora made her own map for Hyrule and the eastern Light Dimension, and I decided if she could make her own geography, I damn well could, too!


Well, if you look at some of my Gate maps, you’ll see that Nick requested a Medina detail map that does show some rivers that aren’t there on the larger overview Gate map. So those rivers are probably there, but just not shown on the Big Picture map (where the Reen River is far more important as it is effectively also a national borderline between Tasnica and Pandora).


Yeah, I kinda figure there’s like…

A lot of rivers, smaller cities, and other landmarks not shown on these maps? Just because of their scale.