Kuper Heroes !!!!!


Plus can you say no to Celiose looking an empty chocobo stable 20 years later, while “All By Myself” plays and his eyes cloud with tears?

(You probably can.)


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…did he ever have a psi blade? I kinda want to give him a psi blade.

I know this is old and may not matter at this point, but since you asked: Kusader had two psi blades. He wore these partial glove things with a gem on the back, through which he could project psychic energy into a beam sword.

(Please note that at this point it’s impossible to distinguish in my memory between “stuff I actually wrote in Kupopolis” and “stuff I came up with but never actually introduced into the story,” but I’m pretty sure this was in there.)


Ok, so Kusader has two psi blades, making him basically a Protoss Zealot, except a moogle.


I’d vote for him.